OZD GROUP is an investment holding company that focuses on mining and metals industry globally. We seek to invest in the world’s most valued gold and copper mining businesses and enhance returns to our shareholders, by finding and investing long-lived geographically diverse assets with significant proven and probable reserves of gold and copper.

towards Continuous Development

Our Strategy

Our metals & minerals activities are supported by ownership interests in controlled and non-controlled industrial assets such as mining, smelting, refining and warehousing operations. This business includes commodities departments for gold, copper, cobalt and iron ore. Dedicated teams at OZD Group is committed to fulfilling our customers’ needs promptly, competitively, and always with a superior product. 


Our main gold assets are fully operational, and we have several sizeable deposits in the region.


Our industrial assets and marketing activities are fully integrated, and we have a sizeable custom smelting and refining capacity. We also have the capability to process complex concentrates that include precious metals and deleterious elements. We have assets in all the major copper-producing regions.


We are also one of the world’s promising producers of cobalt as a result of by-products created by our copper assets in Australia.


We trade in iron ore to a range of customers all around the world, through physical transactions.


We put emphasis on being accountable for excellence and, build and operate a mining operation that produces essential minerals for the global community, sustains and improves our way of life, protects our natural surroundings and returns value to our stakeholders. We operate with values and perform with purpose.

Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of five members including three independent directors, who possess a diverse range of perspectives and experience in the mining industry, business, finance, economics, accounting and public affairs. Our Board supports the principles of good governance and codes of best practice.

The Board is led by the Chairman, who sets the Group’s approach and ensures that the Board and Management are working towards common goals and adhering to best practices. The Board regularly reviews key business risks, via a number of properly constituted committees, in addition to the financial risks facing the Group in the operations of its business.

Management Team

OZD GROUP is co-founded by international team of experts, with over 30 years of experience covering all key aspects of precious and base metal mining development project. Since its incorporation, the group oversaw over 10 small and medium corporate transactions, including public and private market acquisitions, and equity placements. Our team is focused on building value for shareholders through disciplined capital allocation, and operational excellence.

Board Committees

The Board has four standing committees: an audit committee, a nominations committee, a renumeration committee, and a corporate responsibility committee, each of which is composed entirely of independent directors. Each committee operates under a written charter adopted by the board.

The objective of the Audit Committee is to assist the board to monitor decisions and processes designed to ensure the integrity of financial reporting, sound systems of internal control and risk management.

The committee is responsible for financial reporting; internal controls, including internal controls over financial reporting; Internal audit and assurance; external auditors (appointment and relationship); the effectiveness of the risk management framework; and the integrity and compliance programme.

In carrying out its responsibilities the Committee has full authority to investigate all matters that fall within its terms of reference. Accordingly, the Committee may:

  • obtain independent professional advice in satisfying its duties at the Group's expense; and
  • have the direct access to the resources of the Group as it may reasonably require, including the external and internal auditors.

The Nominations Committee assists the board in ensuring its composition is regularly reviewed and refreshed in order that it is effective and able to operate in the best interests of shareholders.

The Committee develops and agrees the desired profiles of potential candidates for board membership. It oversees the recruitment process and engages external search consultants to manage searches on its behalf, including constructing shortlists comprising candidates from diverse backgrounds. Following a final review of shortlisted candidates, the Committee makes recommendations for new board members to the board for approval.

On behalf of the board, the Committee also reviews proposals for appointments to the Executive Committee and monitors executive succession planning.

The Remuneration Committee assists the board with fulfilling its oversight responsibility to shareholders to ensure that remuneration policy and practices reward fairly and responsibly with a clear link to corporate and individual performance, and having regard to legal requirements and sound corporate governance.

The purpose of the Corporate Responsibility Committee is to assist the Board of Directors of OZD GROUP in fulfilling the Board’s oversight responsibilities with respect to the Company’s (1) environmental policy and implementation programs; (2) human rights policy and practices; (3) safety and health policies and programs; (4) community health programs and related public health and medical matters; (5) community policy and practices, governmental and stakeholder relations, and social investment and sustainable development programs; (6) programs to evaluate and address climate-related impacts and opportunities; (7) charitable contributions; and (8) political activity and spending practices.

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